Anniversary event reveals new Resident Evil 6 details
by GGTL Newsteam at 2:01 pm on Friday, 20 January 2012
The internet has been ablaze with speculation for all week and was finally put out of it's misery with an official reveal trailer for Resident Evil 6.

As a part of the 15th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise, an event was help in Japan which saw Executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and director Eiichiro Sasaki take to the stage to divulge some interesting information about the new title.

The three gentlemen seemed very happy to be making the announcements and starting off by telling the amassed crowd that they (Capcom) had been working on Resident Evil 6 for a few years now completely in secret.

Resident Evil 6 boasts the series largest staff count with a figure of around 150 people, but Hirabayashi noted that when you add in overseas staff and other contributing parties, it comes to over 600.

Kobayashi said that the game is being made to be the "ultimate horror entertainment." He mentioned two key concepts:
  • The fear that lies ahead (like maybe something will jump out at you when you turn the corner, and so-forth) 
  • Everything is overwhelming -- the scale, the story, the feeling of being there.
Without giving away any secrets, Kobayashi also mentioned that zombies have finally returned to the game and that there will be many secrets surrounding them in the game.

Although zombies will be a bigger focus in terms of what players will be fighting most often they will not be the only things in the game wanting to kill you. He shared an image of the Javo creature but didn't offer any specific details about the creature. Though he did tease that it's very existence will have even greater consequences than the zombies themselves.

It was mentioned that gamers will be able to play as both Chris and Leon. Kobayasho also revealed there will be a third male lead character in the game but did not share any details about him other than an image (seen at the very top of this post).

The game will start out in America with the President about to make an official statement about bioterror and the Raccoon City incident. If you have seen the trailer, you'll know what happens next. The president himself is turned into a zombie following a bioterror attack.

Leon is at the side of the President when he is about to make his statement when the attack, and change, occurs. Escaping, he partners with a girl named Helen Harper, who was on security detail, and the two end up traveling together.

Meanwhile, Chris is working a bioterror case in China. His and Leon's stories will progress simultaneously. The China side of the game's story will take place primarily in one particular city.

Kobayashi and producer Masachiko Kawata took the stage to introduce Resident Evil Revelations, debuting a new story heavy trailer that will be posted to the game's official site later.

Following a live demonstration of Raid Mode by the game's director and assistant producer, Kawata revealed one bit of new Revelations info: Raid Mode has four unlockable rare weapons.

Attendees at the event were lucky enough to play a demo of Resident Evil Revelations a week ahead of it's release.

Kobayashi detailed a weekly manga, Resident Evil themed sunglasses from Recs, Resident Evil apparel, and other goods.

In closing, Kobayashi promised a variety of additional developments leading up to March.

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- GGTL Newsteam

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