Administrator reactivates GAME Reward cards against pre-owned products, but gift cards remain suspended
by Ben Abbott at 5:53 pm on Thursday, 29 March 2012

Beleaguered high-street giant GAME’s fortunes could be starting to turn with the announcement that the retailer’s Reward cards have been reactivated by the company’s administrator, PwC, following news earlier today that RBS could potentially pull the company out of administration as early as tomorrow with a buyout.

“Your Reward Cards have now been reactivated by the Administrators for redemption against pre-owned stock,” the company stated on Twitter. In another update they explained that this “means that points can be earned on all products AND redeemed against pre-owned items as of now”.

However, gift card owners will have to wait to redeem any trapped value when the company suspended their use earlier this week; GAME clarified in a later tweet that this move “applies to Reward Cards only”.

Source: Twitter (via CVG)
- Ben Abbott

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