Irish GAME employees reportedly engaged in redundancy payment protests, “bad taste” ShopTo deal dropped
by Ben Abbott at 5:54 pm on Tuesday, 27 March 2012

It has been reported that staff from a number of closed GAME stores in Ireland are considering - and in some cases, apparently taking part in - sit-in protests concerning denied redundancy payments after the company went into administration yesterday.

Administrator PwC apparently informed employees that they would be given their wages for March but would not be paid for anything beyond that point, such as April pay from their notice period or any redundancy compensation. Workers have apparently been told to claim official state redundancy from the government instead, but this has been met with anger from some quarters. MCV reports that a sit-in could be actively taking place in one Dublin’s GAME stores.

Elsewhere, ShopTo has removed a deal on its website that would see customers earn £3 on their first purchase if they sent in their GAME Reward card. This offer was introduced after GAME announced that the redemption of points on these cards would be suspended until further notice.

“We have withdrawn this promotion immediately as some customers have suggested the promotion was in bad taste, which was never our intention,” ShopTo’s Igor Cipolletta told Eurogamer.

Source: MCV, Eurogamer
- Ben Abbott

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