New Splinter Cell to delve into neglected theme historically “at the root of the franchise”
by Ben Abbott at 10:54 pm on Thursday, 22 March 2012

In an interview with games news site CVG, Ubisoft Toronto’s studio head Jade Raymond has stated that the new Splinter Cell title will go back and explore a theme that was at the “root of the franchise”.

“It will have all of the action flick elements for sure, but we're trying to also explore something a little bit more interesting that is actually one of the themes that's at the root of the franchise historically, but never has been surfaced so much”, she said. Raymond additionally stated that, whilst it remains one of their mandates, Ubisoft Toronto had not yet started work on a new IP in favour of being “100% focussed on Splinter Cell”.

Source: CVG
- Ben Abbott

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