RBS buyout of GAME could pull the retailer from administration as of tomorrow
by Ben Abbott at 5:37 pm on Thursday, 29 March 2012

Building upon Monday’s news that RBS was intending to buy a stake in ailing high-street retailer GAME, new reports suggest that a consortium led by the group (one of GAME’s lenders) could end its woes with a buyout, pulling it from administration as early as tomorrow - March 30th.

Quoting a source attached to negotiations who was “certain that a deal to save the retailer is incredibly close”, MCV claim that the bank will beat both Gamestop and OpCapita to a successful acquisition.

This will be good news for the remaining workers of GAME and Gamestation, but is likely to be a bitter victory for those who lost their jobs (around 2,100 employees) when 277 stores were culled across the country.

Source: MCV
- Ben Abbott

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