Sega to cut jobs and cancel games after it is revealed that it is underperforming
by Ben Abbott at 4:46 pm on Friday, 30 March 2012

Sega will be hit by a job losses and cancelled games after Sega Sammy (which holds the reigns over the company) told investors that profits for the year ending March 31st will be hurt by a “challenging economic climate and significant changes in the home videogame software market environment in the US and Europe”.

The holding company - formed after Sammy acquired Sega in 2004 - expects their net sales to be around ¥20 billion (£153m), around half of what they previously expected it to be. Stating the belief that it is essential to “streamline organisations in the field of home videogame software in the US and European markets” to adapt to the current climate within the industry, their plan includes “strengthening development in the field of digital content” and forging a “smaller company positioned for sustained profitability”.

Source: Edge
- Ben Abbott

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